Emily Hughes Adv Dip Hyp Cs, Dip PC

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The Brentwood Clinic of Complementary Medicine

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy and Counselling to provide clients with a natural solution to  stress and anxiety. Over the years I have noticed a significant rise in people suffering with stress and/or anxiety caused or made worse by the workplace, so I have combined various techniques to specifically target this problem.

I typically combine:

CBT and Person Centred Counselling
Breathing exercises
Life style therapy

I find that many problems people come to therapy with are often a symptom of stress and anxiety although this is not always initially realised.  However, when stress or anxiety is treated as the root cause, clients begin to notice the symptoms fade away of their own accord. These symptoms can range from unwanted habits to excessive drinking/eating, smoking, OCD behaviours, anger and much more.

It is also important to address the life style as whole and work holistically with all aspects of the self. When we do this, we become aware of many small lifestyle changes we can make to help bring emotions back into balance and experience more calm. Working holistically also enhances the mind, body, soul connection which is vital for your all-round wellbeing.

You can learn more about my natural anxiety and stress solutions here at www.emilyhughestherapy.com or contact me directly on 07929 035 029 / emilyhughestherapy@hotmail.com

As well as working with stress and anxiety I also help with:

Self esteem and confidence
Grief and loss
Emotional Eating
Unwanted behaviours or habits