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I have been practising homeopathy since 2001. I trained for 4 years at Regents College in London and I am a licentiate to the college of Homeopathic Education. I also do Live Blood Analysis and use Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy as other treatments.

If you are looking for a way to manage your health that is natural and supports your innate process of healing, then homeopathy is it!

The basic idea of homeopathy is that the human body's natural state is one of health and that we possess the ability to heal ourselves. It is a belief based on the idea that symptoms are not meant to be suppressed with medication, but used as an indication of what the body needs to heal itself.

Homeopaths consider the wellbeing of the whole patient, mental, emotional, and physical, when deciding upon a treatment, whereas conventional doctors often only consider the physical manifestations of an illness and how to treat it. I have learnt that the road to wellness is not a straight road. We need to listen and understand the message our body is sending us and this is done through our physical and mental symptoms. Homeopathic medicine is prescribed in response to these messages, enabling it to support the body through the healing process, allowing it to reach a permanent state of well-being. Only then can we call it a cure.

Homeopathy is suitable for anyone, and can treat many ailments, because it strengthens and heals the person, rather than treating the condition. It is usually administered in tablet form, which is placed under the tongue and is pleasant tasting.

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Paula Yates LCHE MHMA