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Sports Massage

I am Serge and I’m 50 this year.

I am passionate about passions.

I grew up at the bottom of the Alps where I started skiing and cycling at a very young age.

I have spent 20 years desk bound dreaming about outdoor activities, then realising what a big toll sitting at a desk had on my body when I wanted to be active, I decided to make a change.

I have done many cycling races across Europe (Yorkshire Etape, Tour of Flanders, Manchester to London to name a few), as well as competing in Triathlons and Half Marathons.

My qualifications include a diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy, as well as Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Technique.

Sports Massage should be a part of every sporting challenge to enhance performance and prevent injury.

I really believe I can help you to rise to a challenge, be it for a charity or for the love of your sport. 

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Serge Sarramegna