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Michelle Felstead (MBACP)

Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

About me

I am an experienced and fully qualified Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.  My background is counselling within an NHS GP Practice.  I currently have two private practices, one in Ramsden Bellhouse near Billericay and another in Brentwood.  I work on a consultancy basis for a Weight Management Company training other counsellors and teach counselling courses at a local Adult College.

About you

You are brave and have identified that you need some support at this very difficult time. Life is complicated and can leave us with feelings of anxiety, stress and depression.  These negative feelings make life overwhelming. My approach draws from different talking therapies so that I can specifically tailor the way I work with you and your concerns. I offer Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling operating within the BACP Framework for good practice.

What can counselling offer?

I offer adults, adolescents and couples a safe, secure and confidential setting where personal issues, relationship problems, thoughts and feelings can be explored.  I will listen in a non-judgemental manner with empathy, understanding and acceptance, helping you to identify and explore whatever is troubling you.

I will work through a problem with you, helping you to find your best way of coping with any issues, thoughts or feelings that may be causing you concern. The counselling you receive may be short and goal focused, or open ended.

What next?

Please either call me on 07885 675407 or e-mail if you wish to ask any questions or book an initial appointment.  This will not commit you to further sessions unless you wish to proceed.  Sessions can be tailored to your personal needs and priorities.

Don’t continue struggling alone, start your journey to living every day of your life.  This moment is your beginning!

For more information:

Phone: 07885 675407